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Our Capabilities

Our vessels are specifically designed to offer a reliable, capable and flexible solution to the challenges faced by clients requiring access to offshore wind farms, either during construction, O&M or upgrade phases.

We are always looking to tailor a solution that best fits our clients needs, but for example all vessels are able to undertake tasks including, but not limited to:

Our Capabilities

Personnel Transfer

All vessels are designed with the safe delivery of technicians and their equipment to offshore structures in the best shape possible to carry out their work once they arrive on site.

A combination of vessel power and manoeuvrability, fender design and best practice methodology has lead to the consistent delivery of safe personnel transfers to offshore structures. 

Our Capabilities

Fuel Transfer

All Seacat Vessels are capable of metered transfer of fuel, either on or off, while offshore.

Fuel hoses are equipped with hand controlled nozzle and breakaway coupling to minimise the risk of spills and the onboard pumps can supply up to a 40m head pressure.

Due to high cargo capacity on additional deck tanks may also be installed which can, increase fuel capacity for transfer, allow other grades of fuel to be handled or increase the number of days endurance offshore.

Our Capabilities

Hydrographic Survey Work

The inclusion of a dedicated workstation and in the wheelhouse enables the skipper to work closely with surveyors to position the vessel precisely to undertake survey work. The accommodation has been designed with a special deck plate with watertight rubber gaiter seal to enable survey cables to be led in through the rear of the wheelhouse structure. The passenger lounge can also be re-configured very easily, an advantage of completely modular furniture, to suit the charterers needs.

Our Capabilities

Equipment Transport

Our vessels have been designed with container mounts fore and aft. The foredeck will take 2x10ft containers and the aft deck 1x10ft. There is a large loading area forward of the wheelhouse and also aft. In addition smaller more sensitive items can be stored in dedicated spares racking in the interior.

Our Capabilities

Dive Operations

Diving containers can be installed on deck and supplied with power. The interior has cabins for changing and a hot shower. Boarding is easy via integrated ladder or stern platforms.

Our Capabilities

Subsea Equipment Launch Platform

Should it be required a folding knuckle crane can be easily fitted for the launch and recovery of any specialist subsea equipment that can be safely secured on deck.

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